Real-life 50 First Dates: Scrapbook helps memory-loss girl repeatedly fall in love

Jenny Gisby, 20, suffers from a neurological disorder which means she is frequently left her with no memory of boyfriend Stuart Balmforth.

Her condition echoes the hit romantic comedy 50 First Dates starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler.

But in an attempt to jog her memory, Jenny has compiled a scrapbook full of photographs and mementos from their three-year relationship.

Whenever her memory loss occurs, Stuart, 20, will show her the treasured scrapbook, in the hope that it reminds her of their romance.

Jenny’s memory loss is due to Functional Neurological Disorder - a condition that causes seizures which wipe her memories clean.

She is now learning to cope with the condition, and is sharing her story to help others in a similar position.

Jenny, from Nottingham, said: “It all started last year when I collapsed at work and ended up being in a coma for a few days.

“I was soon diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder and that’s when my memory loss started.

“I will wake up after being asleep all night with no memory of who I am or my boyfriend and parents.

“I decided to make a scrapbook when I realised how distressing it must be for them trying to explain who they were.

“I feel so angry at first as I think everyone around me is a complete stranger.

“It is terrifying when I wake up with no memory and it takes half an hour before I begin to remember again, my photo album definitely helps speed it all up.

“But once I remember it is lovely being able to witness all mine and Stuart’s memories again, it’s like I’m falling in love with him all over again.”

Jenny woke from her coma in November unable to walk after suffering a severe seizure while working at Sainsbury’s while a student at Nottingham Trent University.

The episode left her suffering paralysis in her legs leaving her wheelchair bound and she has also been diagnosed with epilepsy.

But plucky Jenny, who has also received loving care from parents Jane and Rob, insisted: “I couldn’t ask for more support from my family and boyfriend, they have all been amazing and I rely on them so much now.

”It is unlikely that I will get the feeling back in my legs but I’m slowly coming to terms with it and I’m currently trying to raise money so I can buy a lightweight wheelchair.”

Doctors believe Jenny has suffered from Functional Neurological Disorder since she was 10, but the condition went undiagnosed until her condition dramatically deteriorated last year.

Stuart, a student, said: “It’s nice to keep updating Jenny’s book with the places we’ve visited together.

“It’s so handy to show her when she wakes up with no idea who I am, without the book it would take much longer for Jenny to remember and it would leave her feeling even more frustrated.

“It was a great idea of Jenny’s and we use it every week to ensure she never forgets what we’ve done together.”


初戀50次!女患病每周失憶 靠男友「剪貼簿」重拾愛情

患難見真情,這段「難」讓彼此的愛情如同電影《我的失憶女友》(50 First Dates)。英國一名女子罹患了罕見疾病,導致每周得面對癲癇症狀,甚至喪失記憶,所幸她的另一半不離不棄,製作「愛情剪貼簿」,幫助她重拾記憶,每周一次,不厭其煩。

根據《每日郵報》報導,英國這名20歲少女珍妮(Jenny Gisby)去年11月工作期間突然昏倒,送醫院治療被診斷出罹患神經系統功能性失調(functional neurological disorder),不但喪失行走能力,還得周周面對癲癇症狀的襲擊,最可怕的是,每當她清醒後便完全失憶,這讓她相當痛苦,「每當我醒過來,我認為周遭的人都是陌生人」。

然而珍妮的男友巴姆福斯(Stuart Balmforth)為了幫助女友恢復記憶,製作一本剪貼簿,裡面充滿了兩人的照片、紀念品以及出遊的車票,每當珍妮喪失記憶時,他就拿出來幫助她恢復平靜,找回記憶,大約過半小時,珍妮便能緩慢地重拾屬於她的記憶。 巴姆福斯說,「這是一個很棒的方式,加強她的記憶,也讓彼此永遠記得我們所做的事。」


《50 First Dates》千影沒看,看到這新聞就想起某藤宮香織了XD






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